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“Atmosphere is the name of the game, and Sister Speak nailed it perfectly.”
– Magnet Magazine, Philadelphia, PA (Aug 15, 2014)

About Mirror(I):

Mirror (I) is probably the most raw song on the ‘Rise Up For Love’ album. In September 2013 we went into studio as a band for pre-production and recorded all the songs rough to see where we were at. The whole band was on the floor at the same time and we had the analog tape running. When we recorded the songs again later, this original take of Mirror(I) ended up having a mood and energy that was irreplacable, so we kept it! This is the only song we kept from pre-production. This song is essentially live, the only addition being the shaker.  Alan Sanderson later played around with the drum sound giving it a unique pulse, setting the mood.

Mirror(I) and Mirror(II) were originally one song, and we split them up on the album because sometimes I or my bandmates would only want to play part two, so I thought perhaps our listeners would feel this way as well. I wanted to at least give them the option. Mirror(I) and Say You Will I feel the deepest connection with overall on the album. I am grateful for all the songs on the album.

The song Mirror itself was written at a time when I was very heart-broken and I came to the realization that the greatest weapon a person has against me is myself. I rarely share what each song is about because I love for others to have their own interpretation and story. For this one I will share though. The song to me is about looking at our mirrors around us, especially in people, our reflections, and learning to forgive both ourselves and others. While it seems I’m talking about someone else in this song, and especially in Mirror(II), in essence I’m really talking to myself. This song helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I thank life for this song and love playing it every time.

-Sherri Anne

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