Sister Speak Musicians

Sister Speak at The Moroccan, Los Angeles CA. Photo by Will Stockwell


Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

“The choice made by Sherri Anne to pursue her true passion, music, over her developing status as a star athlete is one for which music lovers can be grateful.”
– Hype Music, Toronto ON

Sherri Anne, aka ‘Sister Speak,’ is a Canadian born song-writer who has made music her life passion.

Sherri Anne began writing music with her brother at the age of 12 and since released 4 albums as Sister Speak. Having lived all over British Columbia, in Chicago for University, part time in Los Angeles CA, Montreal and areas of Vermont, Sherri Anne has developed a unique musical pallette featuring a variety of influences.

After recovering from a major injury, Anne’s vulnerability was captured on debut album “Rise Up For Love” and a relentless touring schedule followed.

Sophomore record The Stand EP was released in 2018. After a period of travel, change and internal exploration, Sherri Anne let the music speak through new sonic experimentation and lyrically explores the idea of freedom and what that means to each of us.

Sister Speak’s third album, Live at the Belly Up, was released on vinyl record February 2020 at the same legendary venue it was recorded at and online in 2021. The album features songs from both studio album as well and 3 live versions of tracks from Love For All.

Fourth record, Love For All (L’Amour Pour Tous, Liebe Für Alle), was released in 2023 on vinyl record. Sister Speak toured the record through Germany, USA and Canada in 2022 and 2023. In Erftstadt Germany, Sister Speak performed the title track “Love For All” with youth from a nearby refugee camp; musicians from 9 different countries beautifully came together through the music on one stage.

Sherri Anne’s songs have aired on radio throughout North America and Europe, including CBC, BBC and NPR Radio, 91X San Diego, 103.5FM Victoria, 88.5FM Los Angeles, and the iheart Radio podcast Laura Cain AfterDark. Sherri Anne has performed nearly 1000 shows worldwide, including Sister Speak tours through Canada, USA, Germany, Hungary, France, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Current sponsors include Taylor Guitars, D’addario, Jagasilk Tea and Blockstar Hockey.

Through her musical pursuit, Sherri Anne aims to share message-driven music and support the authentic expression of the woman’s voice.

Endorsed by: Taylor Guitars, D’addario, Planet Waves. Sherri Anne plays a 712ce Taylor Guitar & GS Mini Travel Guitar

Touring Musicians:

Stephen Haaker


In 2017 Stephen and Sherri Anne met in the Los Angeles music scene. Stephen adds a dynamic, passionate and exciting energy to Sister Speak’s full band set. Stephen’s versatility lends to a variety of styles. He is known for his incredible drumming in various artists/bands including Loveless, Cartographer, Azealia Banks and many more. Stephen is also a phenomenal producer in the Los Angeles music scene and co-produced Sister Speak’s Love For All LP with engineer Brett Grossman. It is truly marvelous to have him on the live show when the stars align, and we wish him phenomenal travels on world tours. His belief in the music and dedication to the Sister Speak over the years is a dream come true.

Brett Grossman

Bass Guitar

During Sister Speak’s tours in support of the Love For All record, Brett first joined to save the day when Cubby couldn’t make the tour dates. Considering Brett is a fantastic bassist and both co-produced and mixed the record, it was a match made in heaven. Brett is the lead engineer of Cosmic Voyager LA, as well as the designer of the Hybrid Studio. He is a veteran engineer, producer, and musician. Driven by both fidelity and character, Brett seeks to navigate the boundary between classic music production techniques and the state of the art. His understanding and charming personality makes him a joy to both record and tour with.

Oscar Jesus Bugarin

Electric Guitar/harmonies:

Summer of 2023 Oscar joined Sister Speak for “Dance to the Rhythm” summer tour dates in Canada and the USA. Oscar’s ancestral heritage is a symphony of musicianship, with both sides of his family boasting a lineage of artists. Specializing in the 12-string guitar, a cherished tradition passed down through generations, music runs deep in his roots. But it’s his Mexican indigenous roots that truly inspire him. Each note he plays is a tribute to his ancestors, their wisdom and resilience echoing through his modern interpretations. His presence in Sister Speak’s concerts is a magical experience. His great heart and love for music is a joy to be around on tour. 


Max Marceau Ley (Canada)


Max joined Sister Speak for shows in 2021 and brought a wonderful level of skill and energy to the set. He has been a mainstay in the Vancouver recording and live music scene for years, appearing on countless records and joining several tours every year. He is also a joy to hang out with on the road, and showed great respect for the Love For All album parts, which was extremely appreciated. Max joined us on the Canadian portion of the “Dance to the Rhythm” summer tour, and rocked our folking worlds.

Todd James (Berlin Germany)


On that life-changing evening of Sister Speak’s first ever concert in Germany, Todd James arrived ready to play. Sherri Anne and Todd had an instant musical connection, and their musical chemistry has been at the heartbeat of many concerts in Germany together. Todd is originally from South Australia and now lives and works as a drummer and drum teacher in Berlin, Germany. He has toured all across Europe in 2 successful touring acts BuckIt and Beranger, and joined Sister Speak in Germany to perform the Love For All record on tour in 2022 and 2023.

Carlos Dalelane (Berlin Germany)

Drums and bass

In 2019, Carlos joined Sister Speak on a Germany tour for the first time and magic was made at a Potsdam venue called Pirschheide. His rhythmic heartbeat marries Sister Speak’s melodies and guitar playing beautifully. There is a pulse and pocket to his playing that beautifully compliments the soul and heartbeat of Sister Speak’s songs. Carlos joined Sister Speak’s “Dance to the Rhythm” summer tour in Germany. After 27 years of playing in countless bands in Berlin and other regions, Carlos Dalelane finally formed his own group: Carlos Dalelane & die Welt. The band has only one goal: to let their audience dance to the rhythm and take them to the coast of Africa. Carlos is a fantastic bassist, drummer and vocalist.

Jacob (Cubby) Miranda


In the summer of 2013 Cubby joined Sister Speak for their premier at Belly Up Tavern and somehow nearly every show opportunity for rest of the year snaked through his packed schedule. A true songwriter he is, and an integral piece of the groove behind Sister Speak’s evolving sound. Cubby played all the bass parts on Sister Speak’s Rise Up For Love album and wrote key basslines, like the bossa nova groove in ‘Lady Love’ and the driving ‘Chicago Dream’ bassline. He also appears on Love For All. He braved the Canadian winter on Sister Speak’s Tours, and hit the road again for Sister Speak’s summer tours to California, Colorado and British Columbia! Cubby’s passion for music goes beyond bass as he has experimented with multiple instruments. He continues to play a crucial role in many bands as a solid, dynamic bassist with excellent stage energy and electronic music producer.

Sarven Manguiat

Electric Guitar/harmonies:

In the fall of 2015 Sarven, joined Sister Speak for select shows, and by 2016 was performing regularly in most of Sister Speak’s California band concerts. His unique tones and experience in a wide range of genres has been an incredible addition to Sister Speak’s sound. Sarven tracked all the guitar on The Stand EP and Sister Speak’s Love For All LP. His stage energy, and out of this world guitar lines are a special moment in time every concert. He has toured for over a decade and has inspired many through his heartfelt and captivating stage presence. As a guitarist, vocalist, composer, and wood-working mastermind at Inner Cambium, it is really a dream that he was able to take the time to join Sister Speak on the “Liebe Für Alle” Germany tour and so many concerts at legendary venues.

Lonny Eagleton (Canada)

Electric Guitar/harmonies:

Lonny has been a mainstay in Sister Speak’s Canadian tours and has played in nearly every combination of the band since Sister Speak began. His exciting stage presence and powerful note choices have landed him as the main guitarist for Canadian pop sensation Shawn Hook and bassist for Black Veil Brides. When the stars align, Sister Speak snags Lonny for their Canadian winter and summer tours!

Kimo Shim


In the fall of 2015 Kimo Shim joined Sister Speak for select shows throughout southern California. His hip-hop and latin roots have been an exciting addition to Sister Speak’s evolving sound. Kimo joined Sister Speak while opening for Air Supply at Humphrey’s Mainstage and has added a unique sound to Sister Speak’s acoustic shows when available ever since.

Niko Friesen (Canada)


In the summers of 2016 and 2017 Niko Friesen joined Sister Speak for their annual BC summer tours. His experience in performance, recording and steady grooves had a wonderful impact on Sister Speak’s band show. Niko is a musician, composer, and producer based in Vancouver, B.C.  Over the past twenty years he’s worked as a session musician, toured internationally, and played on over a hundred records, working with artists like Carly Rae Jepsen, Shawn Hook, Marcy Playground, and Skye Wallace to name a few. 

Thank you to all the wonderful musicians who have performed live in Sister Speak and on records along the way. Your passion means the world.