• International Touring Act and Recording Artist
  • CBC Searchlight Regioal Finalist
  • ‘Best Pop’ – San Diego Music Awards
  • Sherri Anne voted “Top 9 Rhythm Guitarists” – NBC San Diego
  • Endorsed by Taylor Guitars, D’addario, Jagasilk, Blockstar FH

“Canadian born Sherri Anne is at the core of Sister Speak, an indie-folk (and rock/blues/world/pop music) entity that creates warm, uplifting, and thought-provoking music.

Whether performing a set of deeply moving acoustic arrangements, or an electrifying show with her backing band, this Taylor Guitar’s sponsored artist has connected deeply with a diverse fan-base throughout the globe.

With roots stretching from Canada’s picturesque West Coast to the sun-soaked shores of southern California, Sister Speak crafts a unique sonic tapestry that weaves together influences from indie-folk, reggae, rock, americana, blues and world music.

Sister Speak is known for powerful live performances and socially conscious lyrics.  She has a dedicated fanbase and has gained popularity through her magnetic stage presence, raw authenticity, songwriting and recordings. Sister Speak has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Europe, and has released four critically acclaimed albums to date, each of them “a result of moments of extreme vulnerability transformed into music,” says Sherri Anne.

Her upcoming release, Coming Home, marks a significant milestone in her artistic journey as it represents her first intimate acoustic EP. This is also the first time Sister Speak performs a song almost entirely in French, as heard in duet “L’amour partout” recorded and translated with BC artist Matt Stern. Collaborating with award-winning Canadian engineers Elisa Pangsaeng and Erik Nielsen, the album and music video for Coming Home is a heartfelt homage to her roots in British Columbia, a theme that resonates deeply with Sherri Anne as she reflects on her experiences and yearning for home amidst her travels.

The release of Sister Speak’s debut album Rise Up For Love was a life-changing moment for Sherri Anne. After recovering from a major injury, she set out to share her passionate songwriting and hopeful message around the globe. While in recovery, Sherri Anne’s experience of extreme vulnerability opened the channels to pursue what truly inspired her and it was during this trying time when the majority of the songs for debut album Rise Up For Love came through – imbued with the notion of rising out of whatever hardship is going on, coming back to the people, to the world, with the desire to share compassion, life and love.

Her sophomore release The Stand EP, was an exploration of Sister Speak’s love for folk and electronic music. The title track was written on a rooftop in Mexico in the wake of a tropical storm during Sister Speak’s first international tour. “The song is filled with an insurmountable flood of emotion about what has happened to so many of the earth’s people and most gorgeous places” says Sherri Anne. “Mostly a result of imperialism and aggressive religious pursuits.” For the video, Sherri Anne traveled to Peru and Bolivia with a film crew for two weeks, capturing footage at Machu Picchu, Cusco, Puno and other sacred sites. It was a daunting, bold and spiritual journey that reflected the pure conviction of the song. A call to be courageous and vulnerable in this highly complex socio-political atmosphere. While the video was being completed, Sister Speak was voted ‘Best Pop’ San Diego Music Awards. Third record Live at the Belly Up was recorded during the release party for The Stand EP. The energy of this record embodies the essence of Sister Speak’s live band show.

Her most recent release, Love For All, simultaneously captures Sister Speak’s indie/folk guitar and vocal melodies, reggae/world undercurrent, introspective lyrics, and festive blues and rock flare. The musical alchemy between Sherri Anne and her backing bands, as well as special guests, can be heard at every note.

A powerfully formative moment happened when Sister Speak performed acoustic in Germany for the first time, in honour of her Grandmother with German roots. This concert fueled a fire for international touring in Sherri Anne’s heart, and has led Sister Speak on to a fulfilling music career, with consistent touring throughout North America and Germany. In 2022 Sister Speak performed songs from the Love For All record with youth from a refugee camp at the Colours of Summer Festival. The set featured musicians from 9 different countries on one stage. Sister Speak’s most recent Germany tour was completed almost entirely by train.

During her travels Sister Speak was named “Best Pop” at the San Diego Music Awards, “Top Ten Rhythm Guitarists” by NBC, and was regional finalist of CBC Searchlight. Sister Speak has performed at many iconic venues like Belly up in San Diego, Troubadour Los Angeles, and shared the stage with music legends of various genres including The Doobie Brothers, Air Supply and reggae artist Don Carlos. Her music has been featured on CBC, BBC, CFNR, NPR, commercial stations, “California Roots Presents” playlists and various radio stations around the world. At the heart of her musical pursuit, Sherri Anne aims to share message-driven music and support the authentic expression of the woman’s voice.” – RESO Nation

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