NEW VIDEO – Lady Love ‘Off The Tracks’

There has been so much support this summer with the release of the ‘Rise Up For Love’ album from fans, radio stations, music blogs and magazines that we’ve barely been able to keep up with sharing them! Thank you to everyone who has connected with and even possibly been moved by the music!

To start San Diego’s ‘A Trolley Show’ just released a video of ‘Lady Love’ off the new album to promote the new FREE off the track Trolley in Hillcrest! They did a really nice job and the Trolley peeps were adorable joinin in on the chant and for the ride.

Sister Speak – Lady Love – Off The Tracks

Every day this week we plan to share some of this wonderful news with you on our blog – reviews, pics and feelings on special shows(like opening for Chris Isaak in July and Air Supply last Saturday!), and stories from the road!!

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Much Love,

Sherri Anne