Insight of the Day

Every now and then my heart finds a way to put thoughts to words. Here is an insight from a journal entry after touring “soulo” in Colorado, being home in British Columbia for the holidays and back in San Diego enjoying the “winter summer.”

Strawberry Hot Springs
Strawberry Hot Springs, Steamboat CO

“It is a miracle we even know each other in this life. How amazing. It’s a miracle that we meet EVERYONE we meet! And I realized that true forgiveness comes when we can say “Thank You” to the people who have hurt us most, for the lessons they have taught us. They don’t play an easy roll in our lives, yet they perhaps play a necessary one in the storybook of life to make us stronger. And to those brilliant lights of steady positive beams, I believe we are like a physics phenomenon, where the sum of our parts are greater than our individual selves added together. So we come into each others’ lives to keep each other on track, and encourage each other to shine!

I want to do something special with the people of this earth, on this great journey. Thank you to all our fellow humans taking risks to live life’s true purpose so humanity can evolve, revolutionize, and live in the greatest good.

Could we even imagine a world where every human lived through their hearts and what truly fueled them? We would all live our true gifts and every niche would be filled, every mouth, every heart filled with love, because if we are all doing what we want to be doing, we will be living life by the Creator’s will, and driven by the desire to give for the benefit of all humans. And we would see how special that would be. And want to live this way every moment.

Perhaps the cure for world hunger is encouraging people to do what they love, because this will make us practice using our hearts in love, so we will create a habit of living through our hearts, and it will be contagious, and soon all the world will be in a space of love. And then we will be inspired to help each other, and we will feel the burden of humanity on our shoulders if we don’t help one another.

I’ve been feeling that we are essentially married to this journey on earth, that we made a contract to be here, to learn, to grow, and perhaps to remember, and then find fulfillment in not only our own growth, yet also seeing our fellow light warriors grow too, and everyone grow.

If our hearts are filled with love there is no room for war.

Some think we need to be the best, and the world can be a competitive place. However, being the best while bringing another human down to me is failure.

TRUE success, I believe, rests in being a light in which others’ lights shine brighter in our presence.”

Denver, CO


Peace, Love, Music

Sherri Anne