CANADA Rise Up For Love Tour insight


We made it! What a trip! Thank you so much to everyone who came out to all the shows in BC, for the epic support from family and friends, for the band – Lisa, Jacob, Meir, for being troopers!! What a treck! Especially the last week here with the Trio!

A tour recap to come soon! In the meantime here’s a little insight inspired by the road in beautiful British Columbia.

Thetis Lake, Victoria BC Canada

“It seems as humans we fit in most easily when we follow, and while I have been a follower in ways I don’t want to be in many aspects of my life. I’d rather be a ‘black sheep’ and find other black sheep and do something that has depth, and resonates as special and inspiring…something that makes my soul buzz.

Most of the things we do in our society can easily be deemed as insane, and to not become crazy in all this seems to require an enormous amount of self-responsibility, compassion, and will. In essence this likely requires us to check ourselves daily to find and stay true to what inspires meaning in our lives. And do more of that!!! And ask the question: how do my actions affect humanity and those around us! And then find people along the way(they don’t all have to be black sheep haha) who will encourage our true paths, help keep us on track, augment the light, help us shed off the wool when it grows too long and make beautiful blankets of warmth with it to nurture others.”

Peace, Love and continually working to learn how to be more compassionate toward others and myself.

~Sherri Anne