Sister Speak “Two By Two” feature

A special thanks to the San Diego Reader and Citybeat magazine for the features on Sister Speak! We only came across these recently! It has been a year of extensive and relentless, enduring all these trips across North America with me.  We are grateful for the times we have been able to travel and share the music. In Decemeber we will embark on our tenth tour for 2014(a tour being shows in a new region all lumped together, with just enough time to recover in between travels) and will have played over 100 shows this year alone. While we love the treat of performing and touring with additional musicians when we can, it is important for us to reflect on how hard we have worked as a duo this year to share the ‘Rise Up For Love’ album and really connect with new audiences. Thank you to both publications for the kind words!

fall tour photo sister speak
Fall/Winter tour 2014. Lisa & Sherri Anne

The San Diego Reader released an article on several duo’s in San Diego, many of whom are our good musician friends of Sister Speak(The Lovebirds, Kenny Eng & Rob Deeze and more!). We thought the article name “Two by Two” was hilarious because we often joke about how many hours we spend side by side in life. Now we have a new term to use!

 Jay Allen Sanford, San Diego Reader . Two by Two (Oct 29, 2014)

Citybeat also did a blurb on the release of our “A Trolley Show” video of Lady Love, as mentioned in an earlier blog!

“…In this special “Off the Tracks” edition of A Trolley Show, the San Diego duo perform “Lady Love” on the Hillcrest Trolley. The song begins quietly, but veers masterfully into a rousing singalong. It’s hard to imagine another band winning over an audience so quickly, but that’s the beauty of inclusion.” – Ryan Bradford, Citybeat. Sister Speak: A Trolley Show (Sept 17, 2014) 

~Sherri Anne