Sister Speak opens for Penny & Sparrow at Music Box San Diego

Sister Speak_Steve Anderson
Every time I step foot in the Music Box in San Diego I know most often something special is about to happen. I would say this is my favourite local venue next to its cousin Belly Up.

Last night, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing Penny and Sparrow were live, and what an absolute treat it was to open for them solo. What a fantastic crowd and beautiful moment meeting them and getting to know them. Andy and Kyle, you are a breath of fresh air and honesty in the music industry – truly thank you.  I have become a huge fan and highly encourage you to check out their In Home Music Lessons, especially the songs Creature for Your Love on Youtube!

Thank you to Steve Anderson at Music Mavericks Blogazine for the review of Sister Speak’s solo set!
To read the full article:

See you on tour in November!

Peace, Love, Music

~Sherri Anne
Sister Speak opens for Penny and Sparrow


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