Band Members


Sherri Anne at Humphreys


Vocals, Guitar, Songwriter

“The choice made by Sherri Anne to pursue her true passion, music, over her developing status as a star athlete is one for which music lovers can be grateful.”
- Hype Music, Toronto ON

After a five year sojourn in Chicago, the windy city set Canadian artist Sherri-Anne on an exciting musical adventure. It was a Missy Higgins concert in 2007 that inspired her to pursue music and set her on course. Within days she began to book shows, within months national tours – many without a car, which eventually landed her in San Diego where she formed Sister Speak in 2009. The vision: a collaboration of musicians in support of the expression of the female voice in a genuine and authentic way. In 2012 an injury brought Sherri Anne back to her Canadian homeland, British Columbia, where she rest in recovery unable to walk or perform live for two months – it was then that she wrote most of the songs for Sister Speak’s debut Rise Up For Love album and the band line-up began to evolve. Upon her return, Sherri Anne fully delved in to the San Diego music scene, accompanied by various talented musicians. Over the next two years Sister Speak’s “Rootsy-Rock” sound truly came to life, the songs found their place in the hearts of many, and Sister Speak’s ‘Rise Up For Love’ album was born. Sherri Anne was named ‘Top 9 Rhythm Guitarists’ in San Diego for her work on ‘Rise Up For Love.’ Whether performing with her bandmates or on her own, Sherri Anne’s captivating presence and work-ethic have led Sister Speak to develop a loyal following, steady touring schedule, and lyrically-rich, moving music.

Endorsed by: Taylor Guitars, D’addario, Planet Waves. Sherri Anne plays a 712ce Taylor Guitar & GS Mini


Tolan Shaw

Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Harmony Vocals

Tolan fell from the sky like a miracle in the summer of 2012 and has since been a large part of the evolution of Sister Speak’s sound. On the Rise Up For Love album he sang all the male harmonies(like a warm blanket) and played electric & acoustic guitar! While putting in countless of hours for Sister Speak he has helped bring the songs to life – he wrote the main guitar theme in the bridge of Chicago Dream! Tolan Shaw Music is his official music page! Tolan released a wonderful ‘soul-pop’ album of his own in 2013 and EP in 2015, has won several awards for his songwriting and is constantly working hard for his own project and other bands in the San Diego music scene!

Jacob (Cubby) Miranda

Bass Guitar

In the summer of 2013 Cubby joined Sister Speak for their premier at Belly Up Tavern and somehow nearly every show opportunity for rest of the year snaked through his packed schedule. A true songwriter he is, and an integral piece of the groove behind Sister Speak’s evolving sound. Cubby played all the bass parts on Sister Speak’s album and wrote key basslines, like the bossa nova groove in ‘Lady Love’ and the driving ‘Chicago Dream’ bassline. He braved the Canadian winter on Sister Speak’s 2013 Winter Tour, and hit the road again for Sister Speak’s Rise Up For Love summer tours to California, Colorado and British Columbia the past three years! Cubby’s passion for music goes beyond bass as he has recently begun to experiment with multiple instruments. He continues to play a crucial role in many San Diego bands as a solid, dynamic bassist with excellent stage energy.

Kimo Shim:


In the fall of 2015 Kimo Shim joined Sister Speak for select shows throughout California. His hip-hop and latin roots have been an exciting addition to Sister Speak’s evolving sound. Kimo joined the Sister Speak Trio opening for Air Supply at Humphrey’s Mainstage and has added a unique sound to Sister Speak’s acoustic shows.

Zach Guglin:


In early 2016 Zach and Sherri Anne reconnected in Los Angeles. After years of touring in his band Minus Ned, Zach settled in LA to focus on growing in his drumming and recording. With an avid love for production and performance, Zach adds an unprecedented new feeling and groove to Sister Speak’s sound. His experience with world and acoustic music has added an  unique and moving feel to Sister Speak’s newest songs. This is also a story of old college friends reconnecting. Zach performed with Sherri Anne in her early days in Chicago before Sister Speak came to be!

Alternative players:

Sarven Manguiat – Lead Guitar/harmonies:

In the fall of 2015 Sarven, joined Sister Speak for select shows. He is most well-known for his undeniably strong presence in the power funk-rock trio GrooveSession. His unique tones and experience in a wide range of genres has been an incredible addition to Sister Speak’s sound. Sarven tracked on nearly every song set to appear on Sister Speak’s new EP.

Lonny Eagleton(Canada) – Lead Guitar/harmonies:

Lonny has been a mainstay in Sister Speak’s Canadian tours and has been played in nearly every combination of the band since Sister Speak began. His exciting stage presence and powerful note choices have landed him as the main guitarist for Canadian pop sensation Shawn Hook. When the stars align, Sister Speak snags Lonny for their Canadian winter and summer tours!