Tour Homecoming @Belly Up w/ Vaud and The Villains! Thank you!!

Friends you just made our dream come true. We can’t thank you enough for the blessings you brought us for our tour homecoming. After being on the road for a month up in Canada, Sister Speak’s “homeland” and the Pacific Northwest, it was just magic coming back to San Diego to you all for homecoming. And Vaud and the Villains blew us away.

It was a true blessing to have my bandmates on the set – Jacob Miranda, Stephen Haaker(also drummer of Canadian hip-hop artist Azealia banks) and Avli Avliav – producer of upcoming “The Stand EP” and keys player at times for Air Supply!

Here is a video collage of the set and some pics! Enjoy!

See you at the next show!

Belly Up Sister Speak 9_17 (3)
Belly Up Sister Speak 9_17 (4)
Belly Up Sister Speak 9_17

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