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“The Stand [EP] provides us with a watershed moment in indie pop” - Zachary Rush, Indie Music Reviews

“The Stand deserves a standing ovation for both its lyrical and musical content.” – Review Fix

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“The new album combines acoustic and electronic music into a refreshing new sound.”
- David Goggin, United Recording, Los Angeles CA

“[The Stand EP is a] great little record for the big masses. The title track has got all it takes to become a crowd favorite.” – Strutterzine, Netherlands

“Sherri Anne is a great songwriter with a set of beautiful intentions when it comes to how she would like her art to influence the world” - For Folks Sake, UK

“Lyrically resonant and vocally passionate” – Label Obscura, Toronto ON

“…one of the year’s best and most experimental indie-pop-rock records.” - Shockya, Los Angeles CA

“The Sister Speak sound is stunning…” - Stereo Stickman

“…one of the most exciting bands in indie rock right now.” - Michael Rand, MobAngeles

“Musically [Sister Speak] elegantly connects two worlds” – Glamglare, New York NY

“A stirring confluence of Joni Mitchell and Sara McLachlan, Sherri-Anne possesses the poetic precision of the former and the aching beauty of the latter.” - Stereo Embers Magazine


“Sherri Anne, aka Sister Speak, is one of the rare artists who can articulate their sound fluidly through their visual work. Her new video for her latest single, “The Stand,” exemplifies exactly that. The song…features breathtaking visuals, which were filmed in Peru and Bolivia, that complement the introspective, contemplative lyrics.” - Pure Volume  – WATCH NOW


CBC Music

“High energy alternative indie-pop” - CBC Vancouver (2018)

“Canadian Sister Speak German” - Jay Allen Sanford, San Diego Reader (2018)

“Sister Speak Returns to Okanagan Roots” - Vernon Morning Star (2018)

“…eine umfassende Vollbedienung in Sachen Solo-Akustik-Songwriting [A full-blown solo-acoustic-songwriting experience].” - show review, Cologne Germany (2018)

NPR Tiny Desk – “Stronger” Featured on KPBS/NPR San Diego (2018)

“By the time she ended her set with the songs “Mirror 1 & 2″, she had the crowd entranced and ready for more.”
- Sister Speak opens for Penny & Sparrow – Music Mavericks (2017)

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“…at The Belly Up I was blown away. I found myself struggling internally to pick just one song that was my favorite and actually hanging on her every note for the first time. I was a fan, but I was also a fellow musician humbled and inspired.” - Malissa Miller, Echo and Buzz(Cover Story), California (2017)

Backstage 360

“If it’s not enough that Sister Speak’s music is pure pleasure to the ear, perhaps if you actually listen, you’ll hear the message conveyed within the thought provoking strain she delivers. This truly gifted young woman speaks from her very heart and salt of the earth soul.” – Backstage 360, San Diego CA (2017)

“Either by herself or with a band of accompanying musicians, Sister Speak’s Sherri-Anne has a wondrous voice and songwriting chops for days… ” - NBC Sound Diego, 10 San Diego Bands That Should Be Signed (2016)


“Sherri-Anne has been a solid guitar player as long as we can remember. [Sister Speak]’s recent debut album, Rise Up for Love, is a solid, riveting testament to that.”
- 9 of SD’s Top Rhythm Guitarist,  NBC San Diego 

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“…some of the hardest working musicians I’ve met! Always on the road and never without a smile on their faces.”
- Rowley, 91X San Diego

“This melodic Americana style of folk rock is as pretty as it is haunting…”
 – Anna Jacyszyn, The Daily Courier, Kelowna, BC

“The luscious vocals delicately flutter around swimming acoustics and dreamy beats.”
- Jen Van Tieghem, Sounds in San Diego 


“This San Diego band will knock your soul into a happy place immediately with their groove, passion and lyrics.”
– CAU Staff, Chicago Acoustic Underground

“Sister Speak, we listen…With the people behind them, this rootsy alternative folk-rock band is ready for lift-off…”
– Gina Tang, The Soular Power System

“Rarely is music so engaging, authentic and unpretentiously beautiful. The lyrics are unguardedly tender, the melodies are intricate and yet infinitely accessible. Sister Speak’s songs can open your heart and invite your thoughts to dance along.” – Laura McSpadden, Empty Closet, Rochester, New York


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“…edgy Americana that isn’t afraid to go deep.” – The Vinyl District, Washington, DC

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“Sister Speak deliver with mass appeal while painting a hopeful picture with the transformative power of love.” – Sunset In The RearView, San Francisco, CA

Magnet Magazine

“Atmosphere is the name of the game, and Sister Speak nailed it perfectly.”
– Magnet Magazine, Philadelphia, PA 

“Sherri-Anne has a suitably lived-in voice, rough around the edges with a core of vulnerability that draws equally on folk, country and soul influences…[with] impassioned writing compelling you to listen when they speak.”
Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK

“Rise Up For Love is an album you can sink into immediately, but you’ll be surprised how quietly it’ll immediately affect you and in this way the production is not only effective but brilliant. Sister Speak have just about crafted a debut album as perfectly as one could hope.”
– Cody Conard, Big Takeover, New York, NY

“It’s a wonderful 10-song journey through an array of musical emotions, musical eras, and musical genres.”
– Cyrus, Metrojolt, San Francisco, CA

“…edgy Americana that isn’t afraid to go deep. The lead-off single “Chicago Dream” works as a gorgeously gritty soundtrack for a late night road trip, namely through the Chicago suburbs or other similar urban territories. While lead singer Sherri Anne waxes poetic about the electric energy of the city, the band answers with a steady backbeat accented by slide guitars and glowing organ…”
-MIKE OLINGER, The Vinyl District, Washington, DC

“[‘Rise Up For Love’s’] charm and strength is how it works as a piece of music which is going to slowly work its way into your consciousness.”
- Mike Ainscoe, Fatea Records, United Kingdom

“TEN OUT OF TEN. I utterly fell in love with this album thanks to the gorgeous voice work…There aren’t enough truly charismatic female frontwomen working in the industry right now, and here we’ve found a new one. [Sherri Anne’s] voice is ragged and rough, a lynchpin around which to build an album, as good at pulling off those signature vocal slides as she is imbuing every song with a rich sense of longing…”
The Cutprice Jukebox, Album Review: Rise Up For Love by Sister Speak

“…beautiful, Americana-tinged harmonies and gutsy, soul-strung lyrics.”
- DrunkenWereWolf Magazine(United Kingdom)

“Sister Speak’s debut album Rise Up For Love… showcases the lead singer’s raw and authentic voice perfectly paired with the instrumentals. Overall, Sister Speak has a very calming and refreshing sound with songs like “Goodbye My Lover” and “Mountain Song” that use beautiful acoustic guitar elements. The lyrics seem to speak to the soul and are sung with sincerity.”
- Lexie Haugen, Bulls Radio, Tampa FL

Union Tribune

“Sister Speak’s 10-song debut album, Rise Up For Love, is a promising maiden voyage.”
- George Varga, Union Tribune, San Diego CA

“Sherri Anne’s impetus for these ten songs oddly came out of her stillness, but there is a journey in her songs. And, in a slightly mysterious way, the love theme that expresses the universal hope to heal suggests that a friend will be there at the journey’s end.”
- by Marcel Hidalgo, On This I Stand

“…the group recently finished recording its debut album, Rise Up For Love, in analog sound, at Santee’s acclaimed Analog Chew Studios. With Grammy Award-winning producer Alan Sanderson, who has also worked with the likes of Fleetwood Mac and Elton John, at the board, the 10 songs feature Sister Speak, as well as notable guest players…”
– Bart Mendoza, San Diego Community News Group

“A breezy yet empowering set of music that conjures pictures in my mind of a drive down highway 101 on a clear cool day. With passionate poise, this duo proves there is still good music out there.”
– Alan Soriano, The Random Radio Network

“Most of the songs on this album were written while I was recovering from a major injury,” says singer/songwriter Sherri-Anne of Sister Speak’s upcoming debut full-length Rise Up for Love…it was these songs that helped me cope through it all.” – Jay Allen Sanford, The San Diego Reader