Great news for Sister Speak in Canada!

HOB Sherri Anne

This spring the Sister Speak duo tours North America on a seven week treck throughout the Chicago area, NYC, Boston, and ALL OVER CANADA! The tour kicked off April 8th at Mayne Stage, one of Chicago’s premiere venues, and one of our favourites in the country! We will be teaming up with Toronto bassist Victor...


‘Rise Up For Love’ San Diego Birthday!!


Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the memorable and remarkable night of March 21, 2014, where three bands and an estimated 500+ people gathered at the World Beat Center in San Diego, CA for the CD Release Party of Sister Speak’s debut album, Rise Up For Love. To...


Sister Speak “Two By Two” feature

fall tour photo sister speak

A special thanks to the San Diego Reader and Citybeat magazine for the features on Sister Speak! We only came across these recently! It has been a year of extensive and relentless, enduring all these trips across North America with me.  We are grateful for the times we have been...


STORY FROM THE ROAD – cuffed in Key West!

hogs key west

And here we have it! Our first “STORY FROM THE ROAD” Thursday! In 2011 we were in Key West, FL playing as a Trio. Next thing we knew 8 cops stormed the stage -one on horseback, one undercover- questioning us about a missing red bag that we had just...


‘RISE UP FOR LOVE’ Nominated ‘Best Pop Album’ – 2014 (SDMA’s)

sdmas 2014

A special thanks to the San Diego Music Awards for nominating our debut album ‘Rise Up For Love’ as ‘Best Pop Album’ for 2014. We are ever so grateful for the number of people who have expressed a connection with this album! And thanks to the band and recording team(Alan Sanderson!) for putting...